BROMHAM – BEDFORD BOROUGH 2019-07-16T10:47:55+00:00


The land on the edge of Bromham is being promoted by Rainier Developments as a sustainable extension to the village.

The proposals focus on creating a high quality urban extension to Bromham that reinforces the identity of the village and is well integrated both physically and socially. Up to 345 new homes are envisaged, with a wide range of housing types and tenures, helping to meet the needs of Bromham and the wider area.

The proposals will be responsive to the immediate and wider context, to create a development that sits comfortably within the landscape. Existing landscape features will be retained and enhanced as part of new multi-functional green infrastructure network that improves biodiversity and opportunities for amenity and recreation for local residents.

The proposals are being promoted through Bedford Borough Council’s emerging Local Plan and the Bromham Neighbourhood Plan.